If you loved animals you would do this for free!

By January 13, 2015 Hisses

REALLY? NO REALLY? You would not believe how many times I have heard this statement uttered in my career.  Of course I love animals, do you think I would be doing this if I didn’t. Working as a veterinary professional means low pay, long hours and perpetual heartbreak, broken by the occasional success story that ultimately makes it all worthwhile. If we can save even one, then it is worth it to us all. That is why we do this job. So when someone looks at us and says that, it is a proverbial slap in the face.

I am sorry that you have a pet that you can’t afford. That is not my fault and it is your choice. Pets are expensive and a luxury! The worst is when someone puts an animal to sleep because it has a disease that they can’t afford to treat and show up a week later with a new puppy/kitten.  If you couldn’t afford the last one you can’t afford this one. It is a LIFE people not an object to be replaced! And for you disbelievers out there yes it happens ALL the time… When you get a pet, you make a commitment to take care of it, which includes vet bills when they get sick. We understand that circumstances change, people lose their jobs etc. and these things can’t be foreseen.  We are here to help you, help your pet and will work with you if you are NICE.

When it is time to pay the electric bill, the rent and the phone bill, I can’t call the phone company and say, “Sorry we can’t pay you because we love animals.  You’re okay with that right?” While we want to help animals, it is part of our nature and why we have ultimately chosen this career, we are also a business and we can’t keep our doors open to help the next patient if we don’t charge.

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  • Ali Bradford says:

    I love this part of your website! Well done!

    I am a tech at AEC and was hoping you could add your fax number to your website.

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