To those who cast aspersions on my profession…

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To those who cast aspersions on my profession…

A friend posted pictures today of her pup having heightened vaccine side effects. While she trusts and respects us, the comments posted to her page were insulting and enlightening.

Comments like these, inevitably makes me angry, then deeply saddened. I have dedicate the last 15 years of my life educating myself, both formally (earning a degree in animal science) and informally (taking over 100 hours of continuing education every year to stay current), on the subject of animal welfare and medicine.

When people ask me I can honestly say I love my job, but when people ask me about becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician, I emphatically tell them not to do it. The job includes low pay, long hours and often no appreciation or understanding of what we do, other than from our peers and a few special clients. We are constantly second guessed and questioned by clients, because their neighbor told them this, or Google told them that, or they read some article written by some quack with not an ounce of medical knowledge. Consider the source of your information. Make sure you get it from an educated and reputable resource. Just because someone claims to be an expert, doesn’t mean that they are!

I have never and will never make any recommendations for a client’s pet that I have not and would not do for my own pet in the same circumstances. We spend every day educating people and falling in love with our patients. We watch these same patients grow into adult hood and then old age. We give them preventative care and nurse them when they get sick. We know the heartache of caring for an animal from its first kitten or puppy visit, until our last act of mercy when we help them cross the rainbow bridge and we do this over and over again, day in and day out. We have the strength to do what is right even when it hurts.

So the next time you question our knowledge and integrity as individuals or as a profession, please consider all I have said.

If you loved animals you would do this for free!

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REALLY? NO REALLY? You would not believe how many times I have heard this statement uttered in my career.  Of course I love animals, do you think I would be doing this if I didn’t. Working as a veterinary professional means low pay, long hours and perpetual heartbreak, broken by the occasional success story that ultimately makes it all worthwhile. If we can save even one, then it is worth it to us all. That is why we do this job. So when someone looks at us and says that, it is a proverbial slap in the face.

I am sorry that you have a pet that you can’t afford. That is not my fault and it is your choice. Pets are expensive and a luxury! The worst is when someone puts an animal to sleep because it has a disease that they can’t afford to treat and show up a week later with a new puppy/kitten.  If you couldn’t afford the last one you can’t afford this one. It is a LIFE people not an object to be replaced! And for you disbelievers out there yes it happens ALL the time… When you get a pet, you make a commitment to take care of it, which includes vet bills when they get sick. We understand that circumstances change, people lose their jobs etc. and these things can’t be foreseen.  We are here to help you, help your pet and will work with you if you are NICE.

When it is time to pay the electric bill, the rent and the phone bill, I can’t call the phone company and say, “Sorry we can’t pay you because we love animals.  You’re okay with that right?” While we want to help animals, it is part of our nature and why we have ultimately chosen this career, we are also a business and we can’t keep our doors open to help the next patient if we don’t charge.