With so many people giving you advice on what the best diet is for your pet, from friends to the salespeople at the pet stores, it is hard to know what to believe. Our educated staff is here to help you.

Nutrition is a very diverse subject, considering how many different species we see and that they all have very specific nutritional needs. We see pets that are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.  Their nutritional needs vary based on their species and sometimes even their breed.

What holds true for all species and breeds is that a foundation of good nutrition is critical. Everything starts and ends with nutrition. If you are malnourished then your immune system doesn’t function correctly and you are more susceptible to disease. If you don’t get enough calcium and vitamin D your bones will not form and strengthen correctly and will break more readily and so on down the line…. Without proper nutrition it is impossible to keep your fur or feathered friend healthy.

Please seek professional medical advice on what the best options are for your pet!