Visit our online pharmacy and your medication will be conveniently shipped directly to your home. You may ask, “How does our online pharmacy differ from other online pharmacies or mail-order catalogs?”  Simple, our online pharmacy is an extension of our hospital. We offer medications from a reliable and safe source, guaranteeing they are stored at correct temperatures and have been tested by the FDA. We offer free shipping on products totaling over $50 and competitive pricing.

There are certain things to remember when comparing products. Only authorized dealers can buy from the manufacturer and guarantee product safety. By authorized dealers, we mean Veterinarians and their online pharmacies. Online pharmacies and mail-order catalogs are not authorized dealers, so ask yourself, “Where do they get their product?”

Pet owners have many options when choosing where to purchase medication. Online pharmacies and mail-order catalogs tempt you with a variety of different products.  Remember, getting the best value doesn’t always stop at the price you pay for it. We want to make sure that you and your pet receives not only quality products, but safe ones as well.

Ask us about our medication guarantee.

Call us with your next prescription or medication refill or visit us online. We look forward to hearing from you.