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Pain Management

Evolution has trained your animal to hide signs of illness and injury. They will rarely tell you if they are in pain. If you think your pet is in pain or don’t know if they are, please call our office to have a thorough physical exam done to assess your pet.

We think that no animal should ever be in pain and strongly believe in anticipating and preventing pain before it happens.  Pain occurs in many forms and varies in intensity, from severe to chronic.

All surgical patients get an injection for pain before their procedure.  Good pain management has been proven to speed up your pet’s surgical recovery.

We also offer pain management for chronic pain cases, such as arthritic pets.  Unknown to most pet owners older animals often “suffer in silence” from chronic arthritis and dysplasia. Pain management benefits the pet, by improving their quality of life.

We know how much you love your furry friend. Let us help you keep them comfortable both after surgical procedures and in their twilight years.